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Our Services

Sign at a wedding reception says photo booth.

Weddings are our favorite events to host.  There is so much hope and optimism in the air that it’s infectious.  Photo booths have a way of bringing the liveliness out of the shyest individuals.  Don’t worry, we can handle your eccentric aunt and raucous uncle.  Children are welcome to enter without a legal guardian.  We always have an attendant on hand to guide and answer any questions guests may have.  There are a bevy of props to choose from.  We encourage you to bring your own props to coordinate with the existing theme.  Our event designer would be happy to work with you to create props and photo themes to your specifications.

Our services include:

  • Wedding Photo Booth
  • Birthday Photo Booth
  • Party Photo Booth
  • School Event Photo Booth
  • Corporate Event Photo Booth
  • Special Event Photo Booth

Corporations often contact us for holiday parties, but we are also available for conference events.  Photo booths are a great way to lighten the mood and break the ice.  It doesn’t matter if the birthday girl or boy is young or mature, photo booths add a necessary element to every party.  Baby boomers have a tendency to wax nostalgic about yester years once they realize the party includes a photo booth.  They are relatively new to millennials, but experience shows that they love them too.  In fact, you’ll discover that once your guests experience a photo booth at one of your parties, they will expect one every time.